Buying Bitcoins

Buying Bitcoins is easy

As a guide we've outlined the process in 4 steps

1. Create An Account

To begin, you will need a to Create An Account and then Get Verified.

2. Place Your Order

Visit the Buy Bitcoins Page and choose your order amount in either BTC or Australian Dollars.

If you don't already have a bitcoin wallet you can create a new one as part of the ordering process.

3. Choose a Payment Method

We currently accept Bank Transfers via Poli Payments

4. Receive Your Bitcoins

Once we have confirmed your deposit and cross-checked the details, your Bitcoins will arrive in the wallet address that you provided. Times may vary but Bitcoin deposits are generally distributed within 1-4 hours of your deposit being received.

First Orders and New Bank Accounts

Your first order with us may involve longer than usual processing times while we confirm your bank account information.

This process is in place to reduce the risk of fraudulent activity on your account and to help us meet our KYC, AML and CTF obligations.

Please be aware that this process will occur each time you use a new bank account for the first time.

first order timeline

You should allow at least one business day for this process to complete.

Your verified bank account details will be linked to your profile so that your future orders can be processed more quickly.

Please Note

Because Bitcoin rates can fluctuate, we maintain the right to process any payments at our current rate if a deposit is made into our account after 4 hours from the time of the request initiation. Where possible we attempt to fulfil all order requests, however, we maintain the right to not process any order requests for any reason, in which case your deposit will be refunded back to you. Please view our terms and conditions or contact us via for further information.