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Bit Trade

Buy: AU $691.40

Sell: AU $657.67

Spot: AU $674.53

Open: AU $679.95

Change: AU $-5.42

High: AU $682.98

Low: AU $674.53

Buying Bitcoins

Get A Bitcoin WalletGet A Bitcoin Wallet

Get A Bitcoin Wallet

To begin, you’ll need what’s known as a bitcoin “wallet”. We don’t provide wallets but there are reputable services that do.
Place Your OrderPlace Your Order

Place Your Order

Fill out a “Buy Bitcoins” request form to submit an order. Select how many Bitcoins you wish to buy and verify your wallet address. You will then receive a confirmation of the details of your order.
Deposit CashDeposit Cash

Deposit Cash

Make an over-the-counter cash deposit at any Westpac Bank within 4 hours of initiating your order with the Order ID provided.
Receive Your BitcoinsReceive Your Bitcoins

Receive Your Bitcoins

Once we have confirmed your deposit details, your Bitcoins will arrive in your wallet from us.

Selling Bitcoins

Place A Sell RequestPlace A Sell Request

Place A Sell Request

Decide on the amount of Bitcoins to sell. We can send you cash to any Australian Bank Account.
Confirm Your OrderConfirm Your Order

Confirm Your Order

Verify the details of your request. You will be issued a unique wallet address which will allow you to transfer your Bitcoins to us.
Transfer Your BitcoinsTransfer Your Bitcoins

Transfer Your Bitcoins

Transfer the amount in Bitcoins to the unique wallet address provided in the order confirmation.
Receive CashReceive Cash

Receive Cash

Once your Sell Request is fulfilled, cash is transferred to your nominated account.

About Bit Trade Australia

Making it easy to buy and sell Bitcoins

Bit Trade Australia makes it easy and safe for Australians to buy and sell Bitcoins. We provide a reliable, customised service that negates the need for Bitcoin adopters to take on the unnecessary waiting times and bank fees that are sometimes associated with the exchange of Bitcoins. Bit Trade Australia aims to reduce the hassle involved in buying and selling Bitcoins by providing a transparent easy-to-follow service that helps all Australians more easily access the exciting Bitcoin market.

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